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Iowa Family Impact Seminars have provided state policymakers with nonpartisan, solution-oriented research on family issues for over twenty-five years.


Family Impact Institute of Purdue University connects legislators with valuable information on topics including education, welfare reform, and job creation in twenty-one states and the District of Columbia. 

Iowa Family Impact Seminars has been a part of this collaborative network since 2009.

Who We Are

Dr. Mack Shelley, University Professor and Chair of Political Science at Iowa State University, is the Director of the Iowa Family Impact Seminars.


The Seminars are assisted by an Advisory Council that includes a bipartisan, bicameral delegation from the Iowa General Assembly.

Seminar Archives

We regularly send out a digital newsletter with current nonpartisan research on future policy issues. 


Our most recent seminar focused on the impact of toxic stress in early childhood development. Our upcoming seminar anticipates an extended look into the topic with new and expanded insights.

To get in touch with Dr. Shelley, our Advisory Council, or to find out more information about the Iowa Family Impact Seminars, click "More" below.

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