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The Future of Healthcare: The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Iowa Families


The subject of the fifth Iowa Family Impact Seminar, held on December 3, 2013, was The Future of Healthcare: The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Iowa Families.


The featured speakers was Keith Mueller.


Dr. Keith J. Mueller is the Gerhard Hartman Professor and Head of the Department of Management and Policy at the University of Iowa College of Public Health; he is also Director of the Rural Policy Research Institute Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis. His presentation was entitled "Advancing Rural Healthcare Delivery in a Reform Framework." You can also find video of his presentation below.


It was followed by a panel, moderated by Dianne Bystrom, that included Suzanne Bartholomae, Donna Harvey, Peter Fisher, and Jennifer Vermeer.


Suzanne Bartholomae is an State Extension Specialist in Family Finance at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

Donna Harvey is the Director of the Iowa Department on Aging.

Peter Fisher is the Research Director of the Iowa Policy Project.

Jennifer Vermeer is the Director of Iowa Medicaid.

Dianne Bystrom is the Director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics at Iowa State University.


Additional materials from this seminar include:


State Exchange Profiles: Iowa by the Kaiser Family Foundation

Health Benefit Exchange and Health Benefit Exchange 101 by the Iowa Department of Public Health

The Challenges of Bending the Health Care Cost Curve by the Iowa Division of Insurance

Impacts on Rural People, Places, and Providers by Dr. Keith Mueller

Healthcare Webinar by TrueNorth

Iowa Child and Family Household Health Survey by the University of Iowa

Guide to the Affordable Care Act by POLITICO 

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